Rise of the Runelords

Where you are after defeating Nuaulia

You are standing at E5


Nuaulias Journal


Session 5

Session 5 – late

The party finally faced down the quasit! Sadly it was not taken as a slave for the Half-orc Zinanda, but did yield a bit of information. Once they defeated the quasit and her ogre and zombie minions, they explored the rest of the catacombs, finding very little.

The party left the catacombs, and surfaced just in time for Shaelelu (the Ranger) rushing in to help. She informed them that there was a lot of goblin sign in the surrounding countryside, and the next day she led them to the Thistletop goblin lair. They fought a goblin druid, who they captured. It informed them that a longshanks woman was controlling the chiefs actions, and he was not happy about it. He led the party to the lairs entrance, across a rope bridge. The party charged across the bridge under a hail of arrows. The only casualty was the goblin druid, thankfully. This, of course, made Zinanda very upset. But she feels deep in her bones that if she explores this lair, she will find a suitable slave/vassal/pet.

Session 4

Session 4

The party started at the entrance to the catacombs, where they had slept in a small alcove after getting through the Glassworks. Before they went to sleep, they had killed a sinspawn. Upon waking they decided to burn its corpse, which filled the majority of the catacombs with a dense smoke.

Because of this smoke, 2 bugbears were waiting for them shortly after they began exploring the catacombs. Although they were tough, the bugbears went down quickly to the parties combined strength.

This was in a small room with a broken shrine, to Lamashtu. When the monsters died, this shrine glowed red, probably in response to the death of a monstrous humanoid.

The door leading out of the shrine opened onto a huge chamber with a well in the back. its walls, like every other wall and ceiling, was covered in an ancient language that no one could read. When the party opened it, they saw a vial hanging above the well, suspended from the ceiling with a rope. There were several sinspawn and a quasit in the room. As soon as the door opened, the quasit disappeared.

The party didn’t quite know what to do, and their hesitance allowed the liquid in the vial to drip into the well, which created more sinspawn. By the time the party had decided what to do, the number of creatures had almost doubled.

The party tried to barricade the door, to buy them time. This worked for a little while, though not very long. However, this door provided a good choke point, and the party slowly whittled away at the sinspawn, though the quasit would not stand and fight. It would appear, throw a spell or it’s magical dagger, and then disappear again.

Rocky, the heroic but not terribly bright halfling heroically (but not brightly) charged into the room to retrieve or destroy the vial. After almost dying…several….times he managed to grab the vial, climb up the rope, and cut it free.

As Rocky was retrieving the vial, the rest of the party cleaned up the remaining sinspawn. The quasit knew it was beaten, and fled quickly. The party is very certain they will not escape these catacombs before dealing with her.

They barricaded the door, and bedded down in the huge room.

Tsutos Journal




Session 3

Session 3

The party started just inside the glassworks. Before going far, Aldern Foxglove hired and delivered 2 “helpers” for the party.

The party proceeded through the glassworks, and found all of the workers slaughtered. They also found Lonjiku Kaijitsu (Lon) tortured, dead, and encased in glass with the words wife killer written across the glass.

They also fought off a large number of goblins and bugbears, including a priest.

Tsuto, Ameikos half elf half brother (yep) was captured and pretty much immediately killed. He gave up no useful information, but he did leave behind his journal.

Link to the journal

Ameiko was found alive in the cellar near the room Tsuto was hiding in. She had been beaten severely, but other than a few scars she should heal with no lasting damage. Physical, at least.

In the cellar, the party found a tunnel that descended extremely deep underground. The first cave they encountered had a sinspawn in it, which promptly tried to rip Galans face off. It did not succeed. The party has taken shelter and is currently resting in the cave.

Session 2
everyone but the Elf went hunting

Well every one got suckered into helping the town. OK the 1,000gp is nice. need to see how to make an attack so we can get 2,000gp.

I checked the town and talked to the sheriff and the clergy as well as any Scholar/mage type
and in most towns and cities the kids know everything but in the dump errr. town they do not and it is not looked a pone right to talk to kids. And the sheriff is very protective of the Nobleman Lonjiku (he does not like us) but his wife had a bastard son half-elf Sudo (maybe bad guy) but most in the party thinks its Lonjiku.

During the boar hunt with Alder Foxglove. they fought off goblin shaman and 3 bugbears.
then one of the woman forced Alder Foxglove to stay and get a boar and they did

left over party loot
elixir speak with animals x2
elixir tree shape
bugbear leather armor and shield
javelin x3 1 gp 1d4/1d6 ×2 30 ft. 2 lbs. P
Ranseur x3 10 gp 1d6/2d4 x3 12 lbs. P disarm, reach


The next day we find out that The Rusty Dragon Inn’s keeper Ameiko Kaijitsu was missing and the note said that her half-brother says that the father is the problem and to meet at the glass factory. so we go and fight 3 Sinspawn and a bugbear and we left our hero’s boarded up in the works quarters of the Glass Factory.

level 2 yay!

Sandpoint: Small Town conventional (mayor); AL NG: GP Limit 800 gp; Assets 49,600 gp
Demographics: Population 1,240
Type isolated (90% human, 3% halfling, 2% dwarf, 2% elf, 1% half-elf, 1% gnome, 1% half-orc)
Authority Figures
Kendra Deverin mayor (NG female human aristocrat 4/expert 3);
Belor Hemlock, sheriff (CG human male fighter 4);
Abstalar Zantus, town priest (CG male human cleric 4);
Titus Scarnetti,nobleman (LN male human aristocrat 6);
Ethram Valdemar, nobleman (NG male human aristocrat 5/expert 2);
Lonjiku Kaijitsu, nobleman (LN aristocrat 3/expert 2)

Session 1

PCs attended swallowtail festival. Dedication of new Cathedral to replace the one that burned down 5 years ago.

Goblins attack, seemingly at random. Lots of Chaos, few actually dead.

PCs save Aldern Foxglove from a group of goblins, and he seems extremely grateful.

Ameiko Kaijitsu, daughter of Lonjiku “Lon” Kaijitsu owns the Rusty Dragon, and was very grateful to the PCs. Gave them 2 weeks free room and board at her Inn (especially after helping her deal with her father who was drunken and angry the night of the raid). Lon does not like the PCs (at all!)

With Sheriff Hemlock the PCs discover that the raid was a diversion, and that the goblins with the help of a humanoid stole the remains of the former priest, Father Tobyn who died in the fire that took his Cathedral, along with his daughter Naulia.

Sandpoint Map


Player Guide



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