Rise of the Runelords

Session 2

everyone but the Elf went hunting

Well every one got suckered into helping the town. OK the 1,000gp is nice. need to see how to make an attack so we can get 2,000gp.

I checked the town and talked to the sheriff and the clergy as well as any Scholar/mage type
and in most towns and cities the kids know everything but in the dump errr. town they do not and it is not looked a pone right to talk to kids. And the sheriff is very protective of the Nobleman Lonjiku (he does not like us) but his wife had a bastard son half-elf Sudo (maybe bad guy) but most in the party thinks its Lonjiku.

During the boar hunt with Alder Foxglove. they fought off goblin shaman and 3 bugbears.
then one of the woman forced Alder Foxglove to stay and get a boar and they did

left over party loot
elixir speak with animals x2
elixir tree shape
bugbear leather armor and shield
javelin x3 1 gp 1d4/1d6 ×2 30 ft. 2 lbs. P
Ranseur x3 10 gp 1d6/2d4 x3 12 lbs. P disarm, reach


The next day we find out that The Rusty Dragon Inn’s keeper Ameiko Kaijitsu was missing and the note said that her half-brother says that the father is the problem and to meet at the glass factory. so we go and fight 3 Sinspawn and a bugbear and we left our hero’s boarded up in the works quarters of the Glass Factory.

level 2 yay!

Sandpoint: Small Town conventional (mayor); AL NG: GP Limit 800 gp; Assets 49,600 gp
Demographics: Population 1,240
Type isolated (90% human, 3% halfling, 2% dwarf, 2% elf, 1% half-elf, 1% gnome, 1% half-orc)
Authority Figures
Kendra Deverin mayor (NG female human aristocrat 4/expert 3);
Belor Hemlock, sheriff (CG human male fighter 4);
Abstalar Zantus, town priest (CG male human cleric 4);
Titus Scarnetti,nobleman (LN male human aristocrat 6);
Ethram Valdemar, nobleman (NG male human aristocrat 5/expert 2);
Lonjiku Kaijitsu, nobleman (LN aristocrat 3/expert 2)



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