• Aeolodran Drakthaeran

    Aeolodran Drakthaeran

    Posting my backup character's bio just in case Theren dies, is chased out because of his Enchantment shenanigans or remembers that he was actually looking for someone important to him and has to leave.
  • Demytri


    This man moves unnaturally silent just as the wind around him, his eyes are as pale as the moon, but there seems to be some humanity within him.
  • Galan Dawnhorn

    Galan Dawnhorn

    High Elf Archer (wink wink)
  • Rocky Weatherbee aka The Equalizer

    Rocky Weatherbee aka The Equalizer

    Chestnut cuirly messy hair, sly grin, toking a dwarven pipe
  • Romulus


    Tiefling Magus
  • Theren Hatsuraga

    Theren Hatsuraga

    An effiminate male kitsune sorcerer who prefers his human form.
  • Zinnanda "Zin"

    Zinnanda "Zin"

    Half Orc Witch