Aeolodran Drakthaeran

Posting my backup character's bio just in case Theren dies, is chased out because of his Enchantment shenanigans or remembers that he was actually looking for someone important to him and has to leave.


Drakthaeran does not believe in the existence of gods as divine beings separate from any others, and sees the ascension of people like the paladin Iomedae to godhood via the Test of the Starstone in Absalom as proof of this. He respects the Iron “Gods” of Numeria, the artificial intelligences Unity, Hellion, and Casandalee, but he does not worship them and instead endeavors to understand and master the means by which they and “gods” like Iomedae achieved their power.


Drakthaeran was a member of the Technic League and a courtier in the Black Sovereign’s court in Starfall for many years, one day during his research he found a strange blade, an anomaly amongst the technology of the Silver Mount, and it called to him. He took it to study in his estate and became a recluse for many months, perplexed by his inability to unlock its secrets – it appeared to all tests he could think of to be nothing more than a normal scimitar. Frustrated, he eventually gave up and returned to his normal research, but he still kept the sword with him at all times. Eventually he became so attached to it that he even kept it with him in his sleep, and his demeanor began to change; he became even more focused on research in the Silver Mount than before and seemed to those that knew him to be searching for something in particular. After almost two decades of searching he seemed to find it: a Horacalcum disk one foot in diameter, with an Abysium center and Djezet runes covered by a strong clear substance on its surface. He stole it and fled Numeria, pursued by his former allies in the League.

He fled south and west through Cheliax, where he made several enemies, especially amongst the Tiefling community. He remained in Cheliax for a little over a year before the Technic League caught up with him and forced him to flee north into Varisia, where he has remained in Magnimar for the last five years. Recently his home has been broken into and the artifact stolen; after discovering that the thief had fled east, toward Sandpoint, he gave pursuit. (Should the party have left Sandpoint by the time he comes into the picture, he will ask around about any Tieflings the locals had seen recently and likely be pointed in the party’s direction.)

Aeolodran Drakthaeran

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