Rocky Weatherbee aka The Equalizer

Chestnut cuirly messy hair, sly grin, toking a dwarven pipe


Rocky was abandoned on a rock cleft in the Malgorian Mountains, he was found with nothing more than a milk bladder and changing rags by a Dwarven Captain named Ison Greybeard. Ison took pity upon the Halfling babe and took him back to the AnvilGuard Clan and raised him as his own.

After Rocky had grown to his name age, he was called Weatherbee, mainly due to the fact that Rockywould rather be outside the caves and mines of the Dwarven Clan to scout the mountain passes and valleys regardless of what the “weather be” (Dwarves are not fond of being wet in a rainstorm). Ison saw that Rocky was becoming filled with a wanderlust and asked his old 1/2 elven friend Taladen the Ranger to train and teach Rocky the ways of the wild, skills that Ison did not possess and also because Rocky was becoming somewhat of an irritant due to the many pranks he pulled on the stoic Dwarves of the clan.

Taladen instructed Rocky for several passing’s of the Harvest Moon until he felt that he was ready to travel the world and “find his beard”. It was confirmed in Taladens mind when he witnessed Rocky save a family of Sprites from being eaten by the scarred Orc known as Grimm Steeljaws, Rocky managed to trick the Orc into believing that he was being stalked by the ghost of a Dwarven Hero named

ShinCleaver MiniArrows and he would surely be cursed for all his life if he consumed the fearful Sprites. Grimm, not being an expert in paranormal investigations, believed Rockys ruse and let the Sprites go with much distemper. Taladen is unsure how Rocky pulled the prank off without engaging Grimm in combat (that is a story for another day) but he realized that he was ready to see the world.

Rocky bid Taladen, Ison and the AnvilGuard Dwarves a respectful farewelll and took up with a caravan traveling to Sandpoint.

Rocky is introspective and somewhat wise, he does try to see the good in every situation and needs to learn that there are worse things in the world than being bored in a dark dwarven mine or outwitting an intellectually empy Orc. Rocky adopted a hand axe and a kukri as his weapons of choice to honor his adopted Dwarven Clan Brothers and he excels using the short bow with Taladens tutelage. Rocky learned early that being small does not mean you have to fight fair, he also carrys a set of brass knuckles (he painted them fleshcolored) and he also likes to utilize a whip from time to time (not very good with it……yet). Rocky makes acquaintances easily but does not trust readily, making it hard for him to have actual friends. But if he had a friend, he would include them in his pranks and defend them with Dwarven honor.

Rocky Weatherbee aka The Equalizer

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