Tiefling Magus


Romulus was born to a mortal human wizard by the name of Robillard, who was banished to the plane of Maelstrom for unknown reasons. In the tenuous landscape of this plane, Robillard sought to mediate a peace between the warring factions of Demons and Devils in an attempt to solidify his stronghold. After brokering a deal for power and immunity from the advancement of Balors into his piece of the Maelstrom with the Infernal Duke Deumus, he enjoyed decades relatively unmolested. This peace was unstable, but manageable for a wizard of Robillard’s magnitude. It was in this time Romulus was born, though he never knew his mother – and Robillard never once spoke of her. Romulus spent his first 30 years poring over his father’s tomes and practicing his ancestral craft – until one day, when Deumus nullified his deal with Robillard and his relatively safe pocket of the Maelstrom was overrun with the armies of a Balor from the Abyssal Plane. It happened quickly and brutally, and all Romulus could infer was that the Abyssal demons wished to use Robillard’s power to open a dimensional gate to the Material Plane. Robillard desperately attempted to close the Gate, but harried Romulus through first. As he stepped through the portal, he watched as his father, imminently overcome by the hordes of the Abyss, destroyed his glyphs and closed the portal at the last moment. Romulus found himself in the Sandpoint Hinterlands, and after a year of searching for some niche, professed his faith to Callistria – Goddess of Revenge and Lust. It was at an altar he had made to her that a mercenary group financed by the Nobleman Foxglove fell upon him. A quick and brutal fight ensued, culminating with 10 dead humans, but Romulus was vastly outnumbered. Rather than being sent to jail or executed, Foxglove instead hired him as a captain of his guard.

After a brief time in Sandpoint, he began investigating the hushed rumors of the evil behind the cathedral fire 5 years prior. It was at this time the goblins attacked Sandpoint and Foxglove sent Romulus to aid a group of adventurers in their investigation….


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