Rise of the Runelords

Session 3

Session 3

The party started just inside the glassworks. Before going far, Aldern Foxglove hired and delivered 2 “helpers” for the party.

The party proceeded through the glassworks, and found all of the workers slaughtered. They also found Lonjiku Kaijitsu (Lon) tortured, dead, and encased in glass with the words wife killer written across the glass.

They also fought off a large number of goblins and bugbears, including a priest.

Tsuto, Ameikos half elf half brother (yep) was captured and pretty much immediately killed. He gave up no useful information, but he did leave behind his journal.

Link to the journal

Ameiko was found alive in the cellar near the room Tsuto was hiding in. She had been beaten severely, but other than a few scars she should heal with no lasting damage. Physical, at least.

In the cellar, the party found a tunnel that descended extremely deep underground. The first cave they encountered had a sinspawn in it, which promptly tried to rip Galans face off. It did not succeed. The party has taken shelter and is currently resting in the cave.


total loot – rest given out or used

bugbear leather armor and shield
studded leather armor small
javelin x3 1 gp 1d4/1d6 ×2 30 ft. 2 lbs. P
Ranseur x3 10 gp 1d6/2d4 x3 12 lbs. P disarm, reach

3288gp worth of gold/earrings/gems

Session 3

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