This man moves unnaturally silent just as the wind around him, his eyes are as pale as the moon, but there seems to be some humanity within him.


A medium sized male with pale blue eyes, green long hair that wears a cloak to cover his head, or maybe even protect his eyes from the bright sun, a scarf around his mouth, maybe to keep the dust from entering his mouth, or maybe even something hidden in there. He wears a hat on top of his head which is a brown color with a red sash around the brim. His goggles are tinted an orange color, perhaps he just likes the color of the sunset, who knows why they are colored that way. His weapon of choice is a morningstar, and a his defense is the 4 mirror armor, and a light shield.


Not much is known about this man’s past, he doesn’t talk it about it all to anyone, but to those that know he was sent by his temple to a city to rid it of undead and many other foul and disgusting creatures of the night, such as vampires. He hunts vampires because he was cursed as one when he was a baby. Day and night he hunts not just undead creatures, but those that wish to overthrow the world, such as demons, and those that ally with demons.


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