Theren Hatsuraga

An effiminate male kitsune sorcerer who prefers his human form.


Theren stands just over five feet tall, with a slim build. On his right arm is a tattoo of a green scorpion that seems to ripple or move, and will change location when you aren’t looking. On the palm of his right hand is a tattoo of a burning sphere with a beam depicted wrapping around his hand and wrist. Another tattoo on his chest is red and has a strange swirling pattern. He has a strange bloody scar on the left side of his face he’s had since he was a child. Around his right wrist sit three steel rings, which encircle his tail when in his Kitsune form. He is shirtless and wearing only a long scarf, a mid-calf length leather padded kilt, and boots.


Theren was found by a young half-orc named Eaedrin in the Forest of Spirits on the continent of Tian Xia when he was a little over a year old. Eaedrin took him in, thinking him a human child, but still accepted him when she discovered his true nature as a being known in their land as a Huli Jing, or fox spirit. When she tried to leave the forest with him she became lost and stumbled across one of the rare villages in the forest. They remained there until Theren was eight, when evil spirits attacked the village and they were forced to flee. They were found by a kami, who led them across the Sapphire Sound and protected them as they passed through the Oni province of Chu Ye, sneaking through its capital of Jyito. They were discovered a couple of times by the Oni, but the kami protecting them always slew it before they could be taken as slaves – or eaten. When they arrived in what they believed to be the relative safety of Wanshou province the kami decided to take its leave, but before it could they were attacked by followers of the elder kraken Zhanagorr that ruled the province. It stayed and protected them from the corrupted people of Wanshou as they travelled. They sought refuge in the Jinin province, but were turned away by the elves there. They turned north, toward Zi Ha, but were denied passage through the Mountains by Giants. Finally they went south crossing again through Wanshou and then the unstable Kwanlai province. When they arrived in Tian Jing province, the kami that followed them was greeted by aasimar, who took them in, and it left – it had been with them for nearly five years. They lived peacefully in Tian Jing’s capital Zetang until sometime in Theren’s fourteenth year, when his bloodline’s power awakened explosively, teleporting both of them to unknown lands.
Theren woke some time later on a grassy hillock outside the town of Westcrown in Cheliax, surrounded by small floating pebbles. He was discovered by a local sorcerer by the name of Yahn Redford, who took him on as an apprentice. His first year with Yahn was spent learning the common language of Avistan, and his second learning to control the powers forced upon him by the infernal blood that had cursed his ancestors centuries earlier. After his second year with Yahn, Theren decided it he had waited long enough – he needed to find Eaedrin. Yahn agreed to help him and set off east, toward Aldoran, while Theren headed north. After a year and all of his money his search brought him to Sandpoint, in Varisia.
barbarianchickbytiger13z.jpgEaedrin Hatsuraga
Katharan_5.jpgYahn Redford
Daikitsu_holy_symbol.jpgA small coin Theren carries depicting the nine-tailed fox of the Goddess Daikitsu. He occasionally removes it from his pocket and rubs it between his fingers.

Theren Hatsuraga

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